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Safari Seasons: A Month-by-Month Guide to the Best Time to Visit Kenya with Ololo Safaris

This is something we get asked a lot. The short answer is that every season has it's own benefits and differences, so there is no single 'best month' to travel to Kenya. Wildlife is abundant all-year round, so you'll be sure to witness incredible sightings no matter month you travel. However, it's good to know where to go, at what time, so you can sidestep the tourist crowds and make the most of the weather! Read along for the long answer...

January - March: A beautiful period to visit Kenya

January to March is an excellent period for travel to Kenya. As one of our favorite times to explore this magnificent country, these months offer a picturesque landscape adorned in lush greenery. The beauty of this season is not only in the scenery, but witnessing the birth of newborn animals is a highlight, providing an intimate and heartwarming connection with the circle of life. Migratory birds, present from November to April, add a symphony of colors and sounds to the already vibrant surroundings. With sporadic short showers in the afternoons, the weather remains relatively pleasant.

April - May: Shoulder Season – Green Landscapes and more Affordable Safaris

June: Another excellent month to travel to Kenya

July - October: Peak Safari Season with the epic Great Wildebeest Migration

November to December: Refreshing Showers and a Symphony of Birds

Whether you're captivated by the drama of the Great Wildebeest Migration, seeking more affordable options, or yearning for a birdwatcher's paradise, Ololo Safaris ensures a tailored and unforgettable safari to suit you and your travel style. Use this month-by-month guide to plan to help plan your visit to Kenya. Of course, we are always here to answer your questions and offer our personalised advice!

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