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Why choose Ololo Safaris? 

We are very different to your typical African safari company. Whilst many other companies act as an 'agent' between you and the destination, we have our own safari lodge, our own guides, vehicles and a greater understanding of the continent, because we live there.  This means that we have complete control over your African experience - if we dream something extraordinary we can usually make it happen!

Upon arriving you'll be staying at our very own safari lodge, designed and coverted by us from an original homestead.  You'll meet our family who run the lodge. Joanna 'Mama' Chapman is the manager, designer and has helped create the recipes for most of the meals you'll enjoy at Ololo. Much of the furniture at Ololo was also designed by Joanna, and built on site! Craig Chapman her husband who has a long standing background in agriculture in Australia, manages the farm at Ololo with George one of the three Chapman lads, who has studied Regenerative Farming in Australia and the UK. Most of the food on your plate comes from the now commercial farm, fresh from 'paddock to plate'. Craig makes sure your stay with us has a positive impact on the people, wildlife and environment in our community.

After staying at Ololo we'll take you to our favourite destinations around Kenya, usually off the beaten track. We don't believe in hotels or corporate owned accomodation. Instead, we share with you unique and interesting camps and lodges that we've discovered over years of travelling, that you won't necessarily find in any guide book. 

Because you'll be staying with us and those who we have formed lasting relationships with, when you book with Ololo Safaris you'll end up paying the same - if not less - than if you organised the trip yourself. That's not to mention the valuable insight we've gained from living in Africa for over a decade. 



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