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How to have a positive impact through your safari

It's common knowledge that travel in certain regions can have a negative impact on local communities and their environments. It is more important now than ever to travel consciously, whereby your trip can actually uplift local communities and restore our wild spaces.

The good news is that sustainable travel is becoming easier, with more and more camps and lodges changing their practices and implementing green strategies.

Choosing your accommodation
We choose camps and lodges that put sustainability at the forefront of their decision making. From solar power, to effective waste reduction strategies, to community projects on the ground; all of these factors are considered before we recommend it to our guests.

Pack smart and avoid single use packaging
When you're on safari, you'll be surrounded by nature. And as nature has proven time and time again, the best way to protect it is to leave the plastic packaging at home.
Single use plastic is something that can easily alter its delicate balance and you should make sure to leave the (extra) packaging at home.

Support one of our community/environmental impact projects
The biggest impact you can have on safari is by donating directly to one of our local projects.
The goal of The Ololo Foundation is to bring together the Ololo community and our incredible guests to ensure your trip has a positive impact on the planet. Whether it be planting trees locally to offset the emissions created by your trip, or supporting local schools to provide opportunities for youth, we'd love your support!
For those who are interested in visiting our projects, we'd love to take you up to our local Oloosirkon school, where most of our work takes place. You'll be driven up in our rusty pickup-truck (the roads are bumpy), and have the chance to see our work, as well as plant a tree as part of our 'Trees for Life' project. Depending on the time of day, you might catch the students in class, or even partake in our afternoon sports programs. If interested, please let us know in advance so we can see if a visit is possible. To visit the project, we just ask for a donation of your choice, that will go towards assisting our work!

So when it comes to your Kenyan Safari, you can know that we are making sure your trip is helping empower local schools, uplift communities and restore our natural environment. If you want to learn more about increasing your positive impact whilst on safari, then we'd be happy to chat!

Our Impact - 2022

St Johns School Kibera
Teachers Employed: 13
High School Scholarships: 24
Students: 430
Classrooms renovated: 11

Trees for Life Project - Oloosirkon School
Trees Planted: 247 School Planting Days: 2
Environmental workshops: 4

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