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Have a day or two in Nairobi? Here are our top 7 favourite places to visit.

Nairobi is the 'safari capital' of Kenya, and with good reason. This city is full of life, adventure, and a whole lot of fun. We always recommend at least 2-4 nights with us at Ololo Lodge, so that you can shake off any jet-lag, settle into Kenya and explore Nairobi National Park. But if you've got a day or two up your sleeve, why not explore some of our favourite places in the region. With so much to do and see, we've put together a list of our top 5 things to do whilst in Nairobi:

  1. Visit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: The trust was established by conservationist Dame Daphne Sheldrick who wanted to help preserve Kenya's wildlife after she became aware of the poaching crisis in the country. She started her own orphanage for baby elephants who had been left alone after their parents were killed by poachersNow her organisation has grown into one of the largest elephant sanctuaries in Africa. Just 20 minutes from Ololo Lodge, a trip to the orphanage is included in your stay.

  2. Visit the Giraffe Centre: The Giraffe Centre is an animal sanctuary run by a family dedicated to raising orphaned giraffes that have been abandoned by their mothers. The centre also provides care for other animals such as zebras and warthogs. The centre offers guided tours where you can feed and interact with the animals that live there!

  3. The National Museum: This museum houses hundreds of artifacts from Kenya's prehistory, history, and culture—including some incredible fossils from dinosaurs who once roamed Kenya millions of years ago! There's also an exhibit dedicated to endangered species that you won't want to miss.

  4. Karen Blixen Museum: This museum celebrates Karen Blixen's life as an author who lived on her coffee plantation in Kenya during colonial rule (you may have heard of her books Out of Africa or Babette's Feast).

  5. Visit Kazuri Beads: ‘Kazuri’ meaning small and beautiful in Swahili is a unique bead making and pottery workshop situated in Karen. Founded in 1975 the organization’s aim was to help and support women in Nairobi with employment and training. Today the beads are famous around the world. Tours of the factory can be taken where visitors can watch the beads being made and glazed. Beads and pottery can be purchased at the Kazuri shop.

  6. Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass: A glass-blowing workshop and shop located nearby Ololo which has been built into an iconic ‘Tolkien’ brick dome. Watch recycled glass being transformed into remarkable pieces with a lovely hand crafted look. Guests are welcome to walk to the workshop accompanied by Ololo staff.

  7. Utamaduni Craft Centre: Utamaduni meaning ‘culture, tradition and folklore’, was opened over 20 years ago by Richard Leakey, Kenyan born and world renown palaeoanthropologist. The centre is a large crafts emporium with a portion of the profits going toward supporting local charities. Utamaduni offers a range of goods from traditional items made locally by Kenyan craftsmen & basket weavers, as well supporting other traders mainly from West Africa supplying a range of masks, fabrics and exotic jewellery.

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